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Calendar of Actions

Join when you can, how you can!  We have many opportunities to get involved--from call in days, to social media, to trips to Albany.  

10:00 AM10:00

Human Services Bake Sale

Participate via Twitter!

Even if you can't be there in person, you can join us on social media starting at 10AM on 1/15! Everything you need to participate including tweets, hashtags, and handles can be found by clicking here to automatically download the toolkit.

If you have any questions about the Bake Sale or the social media action, please email

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to Dec 28

Meet with your Local State Legislators

As our campaign prepares for the 2019 Legislative and Budget Session, we are asking you to meet with your local State Senator and State Assemblymember in district, throughout December, to discuss our budget priority on ensuring that the statutory COLA (Cost-of-Living-Adjustment) is not taken out of the budget and for the Legislature to join us in our advocacy. (Due to the recent November elections, the composition of the legislature has changed. Please refer to an updated list of State Senators and Assemblymembers.)

A statutory COLA for human services providers with state agency contracts exists in the state budget, but is consistently taken out. Deferring the human services COLA means that human services contracts have not seen a salary increase in 8 of the last 10 years, totaling well over half a billion dollars in withheld salary adjustments. That is why we are asking the Legislature to join us in calling on Governor Cuomo to keep the statutory COLA in this year’s state budget.

This winter is a perfect opportunity to meet with State Senators and Assemblymembers before they head of to Albany in the new year. You can find talking points (internal information), the one-pager (general COLA information to be handed to legislator) and a fact sheet (more detailed information on COLA if they request it) on the campaign website for your meetings. If you need assistance scheduling the meetings or have any questions about the materials, please feel free to contact the campaign at

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10:30 AM10:30

SAM Call-In Day

Save the Date: November 1 SAM Call-In Day

Through the advocacy of the Strong Nonprofits Campaign and human services providers from across the state, we were able to achieve State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) funding for nonprofits. In order for us to continue to advocate for continued investments in nonprofit infrastructure and strengthen the implementation process of SAM funding, we ask that you call your local representatives (find your local State Senator and State Assemblymember) on Thursday, November 1st. More information will be provided later in the week. If you have any questions, please email Gloria Kim at

More info here

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10:00 AM10:00

Nonprofit Horror Stories Social Media Campaign

We need your help to tell the story of why State investment in nonprofit infrastructure is so important! In advance of our SAM call-in day on November 1, we are highlighting nonprofit human services infrastructure needs. We encourage you to join the conversation by sharing others’ stories of physical or technological infrastructure challenges and adding your own.

Show your support on social media starting at 10AM on Halloween Day! Everything you need to participate is available here.

If you have any questions, please email Mackenzie Deary at

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11:00 AM11:00

Women in Human Services Hall of Fame


March is Women's History Month and we will be highlighting notable women in human services from past to present times in an effort to highlight the importance of our workforce in building a better New York in Albany on March 13, 2018. The human services workforce is over 80% women and an investment in our workforce helps to address issues around equity.

Please join us for a press conference at the Million Dollar Staircase in the Capital at 11am celebrating Notable Women in Human Services and calling for increased investment.  Please RSVP here (transportation may be available from select locations depending on turnout.) 

Can't join us in person?  Show your support via social media--everything you need is here!

Stop by our Hall of Fame that day from 12-3PM on the 13th to get more info on our honorees and show your support on social media at our photo booth!

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2:00 PM14:00

Caucus Weekend Panel

Strong Nonprofits will be discussing the nonprofit workforce and the need for investment on a Caucus Weekend Panel in Meeting Room 4 in the Capital Concourse.  

Joining the panel will be:

  • Ron Deutsch, Fiscal Policy Institute
  • Edline Jacquet, FPWA
  • Carlyn Cowen, Chinese American Planning Council
  • Kelly Gonzalez, Center for Community Alternatives 
  • Alex Ellis, direct support professional

You can also stop by the campaigns table all day in the Capital Concourse!

Here's a flyer to share!

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to Apr 27

"How Nonprofits Make Us Strong" Video Campaign

Nonprofit human services build strong communities, and we need your help to put a human face on these critical services.

Are you an elected official?  Tell us how nonprofits make your district strong.

Are you a nonprofit leader or front line worker?  Tell us how you and your nonprofit make your community strong.

Are you a program participant?  Tell us how nonprofits make you strong.  

You can find everything you need to participate (instructions, script, instructional video, etc.) here.  

We hope to collect as many videos as possible  to use in response to the State of the State, and as a precursor to the executive budget.  Send your videos to  


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to Feb 13

Testify Or Submit Written Testimony to Joint Budget Hearings

You can find the schedule of hearings here, along with the contact person to request to testify. 

If you want to submit written testimony instead, just email it to within 7 days after the hearing.  Everything you need for written or in-person testimony is here! 

Testifying about other items?  No problem!  If you can drop in a mention of your support for these items into your testimony, that will help us to make the case to legislators that there is broad based support for these items that span across subsectors of human services.

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11:00 AM11:00

Nonprofit Infrastructure Day



The New York State Assembly has adopted a resolution in recognition of February 5th as Nonprofit Infrastructure Week. The Strong Nonprofits campaign will be holding Nonprofit Infrastructure Fair to illustrate the nonprofit infrastructure projects across the State and the need to further support the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program (NICIP).  We will be in the Breezeway between the Capital and LOB all day! We will be talking to legislators as they go to and from session, doing drop ins and literature drops in legislative offices, and more.  
Was your organization a grant recipient?  Did your organization apply, but still have outstanding infrastructure needs?  This is our time to thank the legislature for funds that have been allocated, but make sure they know the work is not done!

we will engage legislators with our Nonprofit Infrastructure Fair in the Breezeway (just inside the concourse level of the LOB), along with drop-ins to legislative offices and off the floor meetings.  We will arrive at 10:30, and be in the LOB until approximately 3PM. We will be highlighting the great projects funded by the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Program, and the outstanding infrastructure needs facing our sector.  

Can't make it?  Join us on social media!  Everything you need is here.

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to Feb 7

Email Governor Cuomo To Include Strong Nonprofits in 30 Day Amendments

As you know, Strong Nonprofit’s budget asks were left out of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget—luckily there is still time to correct this.  Use this link to quickly customize an email to Governor Cuomo urging him to include Strong Nonprofits in his thirty day amendments.  Share with your colleagues, staff, and clients—this is only impactful if we have an overwhelming number, and it takes just a few moments of your time.  Please take action by Wednesday, February 5th.  

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7:00 PM19:00

Nonprofit Bake Sale and Lobby Day

Back  by popular demand, we will hold a tongue-in-cheek bake sale to demonstrate the funding challenges facing our sector. Last year, the bake sale featured delicacies like a $60 million brownie needed to address infrastructure needs and COLA zero, to represent lack of cost of living adjustments.  We will also be setting up legislative meetings. We hope that we can have coalition representatives, including front line workers with us to advocate for our budget priorities.

We will meet at 10AM just inside security at the end of the concourse, between the LOB and the Capital.  

You can RSVP Here.  Can't make it?  Join us on social media!  Everything you need is right here.

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12:00 PM12:00

Social Media Rally: State of the State

Governor Cuomo is delivering his 2018 State of the State address on Wednesday, January 3rd at 1PM.  

Make sure the human services sector is heard one final time before his address by taking to social media beginning at 12PM.  Tweet at Governor Cuomo and at your own elected officials. 

Everything you need to participate is right here:

Sample tweets, hashtags, and infographics

Legislator Twitter Handles


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12:00 PM12:00

Coalition Call

Join our full coalition call to go over our new branding, asks for budget session, talking points, and strategy.  RSVP HERE.  Having a representative from your organization on the call is extremely important—we need your feedback and your actions to make this campaign a success this year.

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